Strategic repositioning and advertising campaign

New territory of communication

We like to say that brand positioning is a pact between the brands and their audience, not an imposition. In other words, if a brand has no awareness of its audience and occupies a space that it does not belong to, it will quickly be driven out. At Knock we succeeded in establishing Daitsu as “the easiest air conditioning”.

Jump to digital

Diving deep into digital media has also been key in this change of positioning. Creatives are not simply adaptations of offline proposals, but rather they develop the brand’s story and are conscious of the digital world they are stepping into and the audience they are targeting.

If there’s insight, there’s relevance

There are many things in life that can become an uphill battle, and which are difficult and complex. Daitsu, however, is the complete opposite and the brand communicates this loud and clear.

Geographic segmentation applied to creativity

The social ads created focused on activating the brand by giving away tickets for some of the biggest music festivals throughout Spain and its different regions. Focusing on each area, its festival and its creativity.


We have launched a traffic and display campaign using well-known formats such as skins, which have allowed us to personalise ad messages according to the current temperature at the IP geolocation. We additionally used very ironic native ads in the form of meta-advertising, which directed traffic to the site with a landing page created especially for the campaign.


Daitsu web traffic and views have seen an extraordinary increase, and we exceeded the targets set by +10%, both in terms of visibility and consideration.