Freedom and brand culture

Idealo is a price and promotion comparison website that features millions of products from thousands of stores, from mobile phones to fashion and sporting goods.

The strategy

The first thing we did was to establish new brand positioning using the concept of freedom as a touchstone. A positioning that reflects idealo’s philosophy that, unlike other platforms, does not influence customers’ purchasing decisions. This means that it doesn’t prioritise search results, nor does it have agreements with certain vendors so they have benefits over others.

Digital and international

We created a visual expression and voice for idealo that is prominently digital, both in its language and tone, and which communicates the freedom of choice from thousands of offers.

The success of its campaigns in the Spanish market has led to idealo launching them in England, Italy and France.


The scope of the narrative we created is far-reaching, and we have applied it to a multitude of digital campaigns, above all on Instagram, where the brand reaches a large part of its audience.

Awareness yes, performance too

Raising brand aware is priority, but ensuring conversion from communication impacts is non-negotiable for a brand like idealo. Thanks to strategic creative links, we have been able to focus on both brand awareness and conversion, and get great results in both respects. No, a CVR of 24.4% is not an error. This is the rate idealo reached with a pre-roll for a washing machine.

Production: Petra Garmon