Everything has its own temperature


Scenic branding

Food & Beverage

Kemo is a restaurant located in the center of Barcelona, on Ronda Universitat, one of the most touristic and bustling areas of the city, with a very specific gastronomic proposal: Asian hot cuisine recipes.

The difference compared to the abundant sushi places was evident, and the brand had to be evident as well to position the restaurant and explain it to the consumer with the minimal and essential expression of identity. This is how Kemo was born.

Red and black dominate the scenic branding deployment, creating an atmosphere where lights and neon signs rescue the space from deliberate darkness.

We have burned the envelopes on the tables, charred under the plates and glasses of diners; we have superimposed neon flames on images of fans; we have created two unique, large-sized lamps with fifty fire extinguishers each. Scenic branding is this: harnessing the potential of all elements and spaces to channel the brand

The naming is a clear allusion to the temperature at which the dishes are served. The blazing K does the rest of the work.

You may not have thought about it before, but truth is that you didn’t need to because, one way or another, you already knew. You know the temperature of an empty bus stop, the temperature when someone stands someone else up or the temperature of movie that never ends. And you also know the temperature of crushes, hangovers and life-changing conversations. What we do at Kemo has the temperature of the second group.