Brand strategy, branded content and a great deal of history

Brand foundation

Agromillora is the world’s leading company in the greenhouse industry and a benchmark in the cloning of fruit trees. After a strategic brand foundation process, we concluded that it was essential to explain that the company is innovating and researching ways that fruit trees can give their best without modifying their nature. This brand essence gave rise to the claim: “It’s in our nature”.


Agromillora stands out as being one of the founders of superintensive crops back in 1990, which the company took worldwide. We turned this milestone into branded content with a 43-minute documentary filmed in 7 countries, which captured a humble yet revolutionary story, and was part of the official selection at the Sonoma International Film Festival and the Malaga Festival.

Brand expression

In an exercise of consistency, we have reformulated the entire brand in all its forms of expression.

Production: Polar Star Films