L'illa & Co.

Branding, business and leisure.

Business Coworking Space

L’illa & Co. is the only business coworking space that offers flexible offices located in a shopping centre that just so happens to be one of the most highly esteemed shopping centres around: L’illa Diagonal. The perfect balance for anyone who wants a workspace that boasts design, comfort and quality without having to compromise their lifestyle.

Branding, naming and that kind of thing

The process of creating L’illa & Co. was partly influenced by the current branding of L’illa Diagonal, the leading shopping centre where the coworking space is located and one of the main points of attraction for companies and professionals.

The new brand had to convey the quality, comfort and exclusivity characteristic of the iconic Barcelona building in order to position itself as the coworking space you want, right where you want it.

And this is perfectly reflected in the site and in the different elements of the communication campaign.

1.000 m2 of scenic branding

The L’illa & Co. offices create a sophisticated yet understated atmosphere. Our intervention in the space and the interior design proposal were contained and respectful. Less is more, as the saying goes. A great job was done with the vinyls in the offices. This element had to be utilised sufficiently to give customers privacy but without having a lot of visual weight.