Cutting-edge classicism

A very contemporary brand

Valentina e Pasqualina is a reinterpretation of the classic tiramisu using healthy ingredients and up-to-date baking techniques. Its delivery business concept wins over its public, not only because of the quality on offer, which is of course a given, but because of all that the brand encompasses.

No to old-fashioned, yes to sophisticated

At Knock, we created a visual identity that broke away from the concept of traditional, old-fashioned and Rococo-style baking. Valentina e Pasqualina is a brand that takes inspiration from Milanese aesthetics, and the strength and personality that comes with them, right down to its name: it unites the creator behind the brand, Valentina, with her inspiration, her grandmother Pasqualina. The colours, lines, and contrast created between old photographs and illustrations enrich the entire process graphic development.