Advertising and awareness

Filmets is Badalona’s short film festival. With more than 50 editions, it is already a point of reference for filmmakers and directors from all over the world, it has three venues and projections on Spanish Television and it is one of the qualifying festivals for the Goya.


However, his great contribution to the cinema of our country does not translate into the recognition of what is usually called the general public because, simply, it is not well known. Like many cultural initiatives, Filmets does not have enough resources to have a loudspeaker at the level of its project. That is why we proposed them to make a commercial in order to turn the situation around. For art’s sake, literally.

A golden rule: make it simple. A clear, direct and simple idea explained in a clear, direct and simple way. And funny. And notorious. After all, that’s what makes us want to watch a commercial more than once, what makes us remember it and, hopefully, share it (we count on you).