Grupo Kasa

From storytelling to foodtelling

With a great deal of Asian mood, at Knock we created the global retail and space branding for Grupo Kasa. A new concept in Asian restaurants that puts the spotlight on the origin of its ingredients and the authenticity of its recipes.

The Challenge

After analysing the sector, we positioned the brand in a new territory. Our customer wanted a story that conveyed the care and dedication behind each recipe. There are many Asian restaurants in Barcelona, making it necessary to step away from the concept of fast food and move towards traditional and authentic cuisine.

Kasa Ramen and Kasa Japo, two brands with their own identity

The project began with creating the Kasa Ramen brand, Grupo Kasa’s first restaurant. Using the physical space of the restaurant, we developed a story that revolves around the brand and transmits the brand identity in a natural way. We went for a “foodtelling” tone, and applied it to the setting, the menu and all media.

After the success of Kasa Ramen, we decided to continue to pursue traditional cuisine with a new proposal, this time in the purest Japanese style: Kasa Japo was born.

Grupo Kasa has become an established brand, with its own story to tell and a unique way of telling it, with two Kasa Ramens and two Kasa Japos.

Every detail counts, in the sense that every detail forms part of the story being told. Just like in the videos we made for the 3-meter-high screens at Kasa Ramen.

Videowall Production: Polar Star Films

Wall 7m illustration: Jav Rubín

Wall kanji illustration: Mitsuru

Photography: Mariona Villavieja

Construction & interior design: CUBIC

Vynils: GPU