Brand building and visual identity

xside is a platform that was born from the union of 4YFN, GSMA and Sonar, as part of the framework for the 2020 Mobile World Congress, which brings together a range of communities from music, art and design to technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.


It was this video created by us that introduced xside at a press conference attended by media from all over the world. John Hoffmann, the CEO of GSMA, was wearing a T-shirt with the logo, which also added that something extra to the stage.


Here at Knock we’ve been involved in the project from its very beginnings. We defined its very essence, that is, its name, and its corporate image, applications and graphic development, were something we also took care of.

Immerse, explore, evolve

xside is a creative hub of excellence that celebrates the ideas, skills and people who are leading the future of our changing world. A place where talent thrives due to mutual inspiration, allowing for continuous interaction and experiences at the crossroads of technology.

Production: David Gutiérrez