Las Horas

Unique Branding

Artisans of time


Las Horas is a collaborative project between female designers and Mexican artisans who draw inspiration from their country’s culture. They reinterpret embroidery, colours and fabrics to create urban garments that evoke pure tradition.


100% time made

Each garment is unique not solely due to its design. It is the result of craftsmanship, dedication, detail, talent and, above all, the countless hours invested. The name, Las Horas, pays tribute to the craftswomen’s hours of work, which we have also reflected in the labels.


There is now an ever-increasing number of local and home-grown fashion brands with designs inspired by Latin American cultures. Business models that prey on the cultural heritage of others, and where there is no fair trading. Away from all of this, Las Horas is a brand committed to craftswomen, working alongside them while valuing their expert skills with fair remuneration.

Our main challenge was to ensure that all this was reflected through the brand narrative, the naming, branding and packaging.