A brand value proposition

Fly me to the muns

Muns is a brand of empanada pastries with its own premises and, although it offers delivery, on a strategic level it focuses primarily on take away. In addition to brand building and visual identity, a large part of this project was focused on space branding. This not only helped us to design the brand’s presence in its physical setting, but also create its value proposition.

Space branding to define a business

Small premises, with small waiting areas where customers would wait for their order: this was the plan. The blank piece of paper upon which we’d build a relationship between the brand and the audience — between an innovative product at that time and a customer who didn’t know anything about it. Muns were pioneers in creating an alternative to pizza for informal, shared consumption, and we created the territory of communication that underpins it.

Details, details, details

When a brand is not relevant, it is directly irrelevant. It’s good to remember that from time to time. Just the right amount of communication, where it is both highly effective and necessary, is possible by paying attention to the smallest details and being true brand guardians.

Photography: Rodrigo Diaz Wichmann

Construction & interior design: CUBIC