Strategic repositioning from start to finish

The strategy

Party Fiesta has always been a leading brand in the world of parties. But over time, and with the rise of a large number of competitors, its image became blurry.

To bolster the brand’s personality and recover its position as a leader in the sector, we needed to renew its essence: now Party Fiesta is much more than a place where you can buy party accessories. Now it’s a place to design and plan a party.

Experience design

Now when you step through the doors at Party Fiesta you’re embarking on an experience to plan a party from start to finish. From the customer journey to the signage, everything gives shape to the brand and helps us reinforce it. The idea behind this project is that the party doesn’t start when the guests arrive. The party starts when you decide you’re going to plan a party. And that’s where the new Party Fiesta brand has found its strong point.

The Party Guru

To give weight to the brand’s new role in party planning, we created the Party Guru. This profile we created is there to both help and inspire customers when planning a party and is clearly consistent with the name and essence of the brand.

The Business Perspective

We usually say that we approach our projects from three angles or perspectives: branding, the consumer and the business. Taking a business perspective means giving solutions, coming up with formulas, preparing actions or creating messages that help increase numbers, to put it bluntly. Which is exactly what we achieved with the shopper journey, which helps customers plan every part of their party and increases the average checkout price.

Retail concept and strategic development: María Callís

Interior design and architecture studio: Dröm living