Señorío de Sarría

Global brand repositioning project

A very Navarran concept

Señorío de Sarría makes fresh milk and fresh milk yogurts, local products that are only distributed in Navarre and some areas of the Basque Country. Their production is a very comprehensive process, and there is a very specific way of doing things that has been passed down in all the villages of Navarre. At Knock we summed this up with a brand positioning explained by the claim: “The Puente la Reina Dairy Farm”

To support the new positioning, we created an online and offline communication campaign with the creative concept of “doing things the ‘Navarran’ way”. Our objective was to reach potential customers through a sense of pride, through the typical and traditional

Navarran way of doing things, what’s more, in a location where local products are renowned for their quality, and sought out beyond their borders. Doing things the ‘Navarran’ way is also something that goes beyond the products at Señorio de Sarría; it is the celebration of a culture.

Rebranding and restyling

In addition to repositioning, we also restyled the brand and applied this to all types of media. At Knock, we designed the brand’s new visual identity, plus redesigned all packaging and communication elements.

Not fresh milk, farm-fresh milk

We also worked on tactical campaigns to explain clearly and proudly that Señorío de Sarría milk is so fresh that it takes only 12 hours for it to reach stores after being milked.