EduCaixa Bridge Call

Venture philanthropy digital campaign

Bridge Call is a program of EduCaixa of “la Caixa” Foundation that helps young entrepreneurs to promote social impact projects in their initial development phase, provides training to define the social impact of the project, professional advice and funding to make the project a reality.

Narrative and pedagogy

Bridge Call is inspired by the principles of venture philanthropy, a rather unknown concept and easy to confuse with an antagonistic one: venture capital. The narrative of Bridge Call moves away from the communication territory more typical of the Sillicon Valley universe centered on business success, to focus on that of improvement: both of the world and of the social impact of the projects participating in the program.

Gen Z

With an audience that the participation requirements set between 18 and 30 years old, we have developed a campaign that, rather than trying to connect with young people, was made, directly, by young people. In this sense, the campaign has been created in Knock by a professional team of young talent that does not have to make an effort of generational translation to connect with the public, but does it naturally because it shares their codes.

Broadcasting wants diversity

The current digital scenario calls for diversity. It is not enough with one shots replicated over and over again in a huge number of adaptations that say the same thing. We generate diverse content and creative, not only to adapt it to the current digital consumption but also to improve the return on investment in social media. A bid strategy that consists of offering more content to platforms like Meta in order to reduce their costs.

We have created pieces with traffic objectives on the one hand and coverage objectives on the other. The firsts ones with messages that address the public in a very direct way and are designed to achieve conversion, the second ones focused on generating brand recognition and where notoriety, the well-focused creativity, is more important than ever.