Illa Carlemany 23

Campaign with AI generated images

Creating campaigns with images generated by artificial intelligence it’s kind of a democratizing force.

It is said that in the drawers of agencies and studios around the world lie a lot of ideas that did not come true due to lack of budget or time. These ideas that previously required a large deployment of resources can now crawl from the drawer to the table and claim the right to exist with a nice sequence of prompts. Something that here we experience with a mixture of astonishment and excitement.

These are some of the seasonal fashion campaigns we have created for Illa Carlemany. Vivaldi would be happy.


(summerge), with two emes, from summer, is the summer campaign. It means “summerge” in catalan but the creative double meaning would also work in english. First it was the idea, the word, then the image in my head: fashion elements submerged in a pool.

A campaign that not only we and Illa Carlemany liked, but also the Lüzer’s Archive.

We move forward in time to the autumn campaign. After a tough negotiation of prompts with the AI, we got what we had in mind: sweaters that evoke the image of autumn landscapes. A retouching phase and the result is visible.

Jersey or landscape, AI or Adobe Iustrator, fear or illusion, in the end, it’s all a matter of perspective.

There was no other way to get these images other than by extracting them from Midjourney through a trial/error bombardment of prompts. As in any creative process, there was a phase of chaos before we began to achieve the results we were looking for. Dealing with artificial intelligence and being effective with text to image involves interpreting the process not as a succession of orders but as a dialogue. The prompts are the phrases you say, the images are the AI’s response.