Lever Touch

The calm after the storm

Lever Touch is an international company that specialises in repairing vehicles damaged by hail.

Its greatest attributes are technique, professionalism, speed and competitiveness. To understand the value of these attributes, all you have to do is to picture it hailing on a thousand cars that a manufacturer like Volkswagen or Audi had ready to be delivered to customers. Lever Touch deploys operations in less than 48 hours and will travel to any location on the planet to repair them against the clock.

The complicity between client and studio has been total from the beginning, with Lever Touch placing all its trust in Knock, each of them devoting themselves to what they do best.

Juan Carlos Gomariz – Lever Touch Front Office Director


When creating a new corporate identity, we wanted to express the company’s attributes in a new brand that was stronger and more decisive in both its image and tone. We sought out inspiration from Italian motor racing teams, given the company’s origins.

Graphic system

We designed a graphic system based on great thought, consideration and study, with an expression framework that enhances the message and reinforces the brand image. From digital campaigns to press graphics and website design, the entire brand is coherent and homogeneous; everything aligns with the same visual and textual tone. This is necessary for any brand, but even more so for a brand with such a low media exposure that it must capitalise on each impact by adding it to the last.ual y textual. Esto, que es necesario para cualquier marca, lo es especialmente para una marca con una presión mediática tan baja que necesita capitalizar cada impacto sumándolo al anterior.

Brand narrative:
“The calm after the storm”

Building a brand goes beyond visual identity. In fact, it is the brand narrative that ensures, to a great extent, that the brand identity is brimming with meaning. “The calm after the storm” is one of the phrases that best explains this idea and clearly defines the voice and behaviour that we designed for Lever Touch.

Physical spaces

Physical spaces are stages with their own branding laws, let’s say, that are different to those in the offline and digital worlds. Lever Touch has facilities that span over 3,000 m², where it repairs vehicles belonging to local customers such as insurance companies and companies with fleet vehicles. We ensured that the space branding was a showcase to the new brand, thanks to a corporate interior design project that takes us on a journey through the brand’s voice.