Creating a pure digital native media outlet

The quantity of news we get is so overwhelming and the legacy media’s positioning is so evident that knowing what to read and who to trust nowadays is downright difficult.

Principal has been designed to deliver more understandable and efficient journalism.

News minimalism

We spend an average of 12 seconds reading a news item. When we are interested in the topic, 26 seconds. Coping with this situation is not easy for the legacy media, which in spite of having online versions of their newspapers continue to run three-minute articles. Principal is the first media outlet in Spain to present the news in a succinct, summarised and visually structured way, one that’s more ergonomic and which dovetails with online content consumption.

Pure digital branding

A new way of explaining the world calls for a visual identity with a distinctly unique personality. The graphic elision of the two i’s while retaining the dots brings pizzazz to the composition of the brand in an allusion to the digital media outlet and the journalistic commitment to show what we would otherwise not see. The name is in keeping with the spirit of the outlet, which refuses to get lost in the confusion and clutter of information and instead exclusively targets the essential news in each story: the principal things.

Mobile engagement

The site has been designed to enhance the mobile reading experience which accounts for 80% of visits. The homepage, the sections, the breaking news; everything has been devised to optimise portrait mode and flexibility.

Visual performance

We have fashioned a visual system in which the colour range, fonts and image handling come together in performance which stems from and reflects the brand itself. Whether on social media or going straight to a news item, the brand is fully identifiable.