Chula Vista

Creating an experience from a dark kitchen, not bad

Chula Vista is a dark kitchen where Mexican burritos are made. We created its brand from scratch, including its very name, with the aim of making it a benchmark for tex-mex food in Barcelona. And even more difficult than that, was creating a home experience. That is, without the context of the physical space of a restaurant or an ambassador who can speak out for the brand of the very product you get delivered.

Stories written on skin, not paper

Mexican food is topically associated with Mexican imaginary, including colours, images and expressions. However, at Knock we decided to avoid all this and focus instead on the border area between Mexico and California. This location is rarely exploited and is equally as identifiable with the origin we wanted the brand to represent.

Chula Vista is about doing things differently, moving away from tacky trends and really trying to create memories and experiences; food should allow people to tell stories and enjoy each other’s company not just count the calories in each dish. Chula Vista is attitude and authenticity, and we wanted to reflect this by creating a visual identity that revolves around tattoos and their graphic imagery.