Setmana de l’Art de Catalunya

Identity, visual behavior and campaign

Galeries d’art de Catalunya



The Setmana de l’Art de Catalunya is an initiative of the Association of Art Galleries of Catalonia that promotes modern and contemporary art expands it throughout the Catalan territory.

To consolidate the full strength of the Setmana de l’Art de Catalunya, which was previously somewhat dispersed in an atomization of small identities, we have created a new brand with a shorter expression: artcat. The expression artcat preserves the descriptive function intact, conveying the nature of the initiative immediately, but substantially enhances the brand’s presence, increasing its clarity and ease of recall. Additionally, it makes it more adaptable to all media.

Artcat establishes a network of galleries that spans the entire territory, bringing art closer to the public, especially those who enjoy it but think that galleries are not for them. Artcat naturalizes these spaces and presents them as just another place to experience art, somewhat assimilating them to museums and debunking the myth that galleries are only for artists, dealers, and collectors.

Visual identity

The visual identity created at Knock reflects this desire to reconnect the geography through galleries, museums, and various activities. That’s why the ligatures of the typography convey the concepts of connection and path in the simplest and most direct way possible. At the same time, we accompany the brand with organic forms that accentuate its dynamism and modularity, symbolizing the expansion of art in Catalonia and the interconnection of galleries and museums.

Art is lived up close

To promote the 2023 edition of artcat, we have crafted a campaign that stems from the brand’s core purpose: to take art everywhere and bring it closer to everyone. Using a play of layers, which is both clear and direct, we present two simultaneous visions of the artwork: one distant, one close. The latter functions as an allegory or metaphor for the fundamental value of artcat.