Narrative and space branding

It’s not fast food. It’s good food

Pai Mei is a global retail project that currently boasts three premises: two inside the Glorias and Splau shopping centres, and a third one at street level, in the heart of Barcelona. This Asian food project is designed for a younger audience who are just starting to go out for meals with friends. And this requires a fresh, open, accessible brand that gives its audience the space it needs.

Storytelling and space branding

At Knock, we believe that any space or corner is an opportunity to establish a dialogue with customers and bolster the brand’s personality. And this is what we have achieved at the Balmes restaurant. Its use of two environments through space branding and the voice of the Sensei represent on the one hand Japanese street food taverns where wok masters work, and on the other, the country’s rural spaces with vertical gardens.