Café Pans

Space branding to change value proposition

From traditional to casual

The appearance of new players on the scene, plus new forms and habits of consumption, have led Pans & Company to reconsider its value proposition. The aim was to reposition the brand, from traditional fast food to casual food, expanding its proposition and the times at which it is consumed.

A wide-open brand

We developed a new space that opens out onto the street: Café Pans. The objective was to both facilitate take away, and at the same time encourage customers to go inside, lending the establishments a freer personality a more welcoming setting, in the strictest sense.

Fully engaging with a project is even helping choose the paper to wrap sandwiches.
Màrius Sala
Knock Partner

Scenic branding

We often find ourselves in need of providing an opening for the scene, for the physical space, or for a brand, simply because it must act outside of it. On this occasion, space branding was the focus of the new value proposition and even the expression of the brand in all types of media.

Architecture studio: GAC 300