Sant Pau

Rebranding de un hospital histórico El Hospital de Sant Pau es historia viva de la ciudad de Barcelona. Desde 1401 siempre se ha mantenido a la vanguardia de la sanidad catalana. Es en Sant Pau dónde se realiza el primer trasplante de corazón, dónde se crea el primer servicio de urgencias de España, el primer […]

illa Carlemany

Strategic repositioning and creativity Exactly like Christmas Shopping in Andorra has an advantage when compared Catalan, Spanish or French market, where most customers come from. In Andorra the sales start before Christmas, that is to say, at the time of greatest consumption of the whole year. A relevant aspect on which we have relied to […]


Creación de un medio nativo digital puro La cantidad de noticias que nos llega es tan abrumadora y el posicionamiento de los medios tradicionales es tan evidente que, hoy, saber qué leer y en quién confiar resulta francamente complejo. Principal nace con la voluntad de hacer un periodismo más comprensible y eficiente. Minimalismo informativo Dedicamos […]


Fuimos parte de un festival xside es una plataforma que nace de la unión de 4YFN, GSMA y Sónar, enmarcada en el Mobile World Congress de 2020, que reúne comunidades que van desde la música, el arte y el diseño hasta la tecnología, la innovación y el emprendimiento. Con un video creado por nosotros, xside […]

Valentina e Pasqualina

Cutting-edge classicism Valentina e Pasqualina is very contemporary brand. A reinterpretation of the classic tiramisu using healthy ingredients and up-to-date baking techniques. Its delivery business concept wins over its public, not only because of the quality on offer, which is of course a given, but because of all that the brand encompasses. No to old-fashioned, […]

L’illa & Co.

The branding you want, where you want it Business Coworking. L’illa & Co. is the only business coworking space that offers flexible offices located in a shopping centre that just so happens to be one of the most highly esteemed shopping centres around: L’illa Diagonal. The perfect balance for anyone who wants a workspace that […]

Party Fiesta

The party starts here Party Fiesta has always been a leading brand in the world of parties. But over time, and with the rise of a large number of competitors, its image became blurry. To bolster the brand’s personality and recover its position as a leader in the sector, we needed to renew its essence: […]

Café Pans

Space branding to change value proposition The appearance of new players on the scene, plus new forms and habits of consumption, have led Pans & Company to reconsider its value proposition. The aim was to reposition the brand, from traditional fast food to casual food, expanding its proposition and the times at which it is […]


It’s wood for you It’s about sensations Ligna builds wooden houses, so when creating a brand like this, the first thing that comes to mind is sustainability. Of this we’re pretty sure, because it was also the first thing we thought of. So we ruled it out, because Ligna is more than that. Ligna is […]

Señorío de Sarría

Navarran Creativity for Navarre Señorío de Sarría are small producers of fresh milk and dairy derivatives. They produce comprehensively and their distribution is local, mainly in Navarra. All with an air of how things were done before and that we have specified with the claim “La vaquería de Puente la Reina”, the town to which […]